In the beginning, TO/DO was the name of a computer folder containing a hodgepodge of files. It was an unsorted mix of completed projects, inspiration and ideas to develop: a to do list, which was both a product and a project. As it gradually took shape, Todo.furniture was born: an exploration of ergonomics, geometry and materiality.


«Take your pleasure seriously» said Charles Eames. While our exploration focuses on the elementary, we give particular importance to the material. Our work is all about subtle contours, tactile pleasure, the delicate tapping sound of a wooden piece, the choice of a unique grain, furniture that is easily assembled. All these details are what give identity to our creations.


By favouring a strong shape in our creations, we also seek to give form to the space around them. Besides, our products are designed to adapt to places that will increasingly be used for multiple purposes. For example, it could be a dinner table that also perfectly blends into a work environment, as a desk or a meeting table. Or a floor lamp that can effortlessly be turned into a wall lamp. Or a scalable system of boards and shelves that structures space exactly as you want it.


All our subcontractors’ production sites are located in the European Union, thereby guaranteeing traditional knowhow, technological excellence and optimal working conditions. Our main partners, are family business set up over decades ago in the vicinity of Porto, in Portugal, a region that enjoys a global reputation for its woodworking tradition. Their facilities include state-of-the-art equipment, numerically controlled tools and highly skilled craftspeople, all making for pin-point precision. We are present during every step of production, from the prototype to the finished product. Working hand-in-hand with our partners makes it possible to combine the sophistication of contemporary design with the sturdiness of traditional furniture.


Designing objects in the spirit of the times, fashioned from noble and environment-friendly materials, is a fundamental concern to us. We only use wood from France where logging is strictly controlled, from sources that comply with PEFC environmental standards. Each felled tree is offset by new plantations. Operations are very few and far between: little or no irrigation, fertilizer or pesticides.


All our partners re-use their waste: wood shavings are converted into wood products such as MDF or OSB boards. Sawdust directly becomes heating fuel for the factory. Also, we exclusively use environmentally neutral varnishes that do not release volatile compounds.


A licensed architect, Renaud Pereira studied at ENSA Paris Belleville and UNAM Mexico, and worked in various architecture firms in Europe and Latin America. His work conceives design and space on all levels, from furniture and interior design to architecture, cities and land use. He worked on emblematic projects in Paris, Lille, Rotterdam, Copenhagen, Brussels, Mexico City and São Paulo. After working for JDS Architects, he founded Todo.furniture in 2016, a platform for furniture and interior design.


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